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• Improve delivery quality as a result of SMEs driving our service divisions. Their knowledge filters down through our entire company, allowing IAG to serve our clients as technical advisors, not simply executing projects.

• Have the peace of mind that comes from the fact that IAG’s people are pipeline corrosion control experts who understand the importance of accountability. IAG understands that WE are responsible for the job’s consistency, reliability, accurateness and completeness.

• Have projects delivered on time and within budget with robust and transparent communication

• Increase cost transparency and the value of delivery while eliminating cost and timing overruns.


Introduction: A large energy company contracted IAG to perform an atmospheric inspections/coating repair as part of a five-year contract. The client chose IAG because of our excellent delivery history in other parts of their business.

Problem: Since this project is compliance-driven with government mandates, the customer needed an efficient turn-key solution to stay ahead of these deadlines. In the past, the customer had issues with other providers’ missed deadlines and poor communication throughout the project.

Solution: IAG coordinated with all other contractors, the state and other municipalities to ensure all permits were acquired in a timely manner. IAG also provided a clear and consistent line of communication between the project manager and client. This included all the necessary notes, recommendations, materials used and images required that would assist the client in meeting all compliance deadlines.

Outcome: Compliance deadlines were met, helping the company avoid significant fines, more robust data was provided, improving their ability to make informed management decisions and communication improved, eliminating delivery surprises around project execution, costs and timing.

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