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IAG Construction Service Line offers pipeline integrity bellhole excavation, cathodic protection system installations (ground beds, test facilities, etc.), AC mitigation system installations, casing removals and pipeline recoat.  IAG’s Construction team compliments our corrosion control services and our pipeline NDE services.  The Construction Integrity Services group has a strong focus on our safe work practices (TRIR – 0) while capitalizing on process efficiency.  We give our customers piece of mind that our leadership and crews fully understand the project’s complexities, budget, and timeline. 


Companies come to us when:

  • Quality: Customers are looking for more than just excavation.  IAG has SMEs driving our service divisions.  Their knowledge filters down through our entire company (office support, crew, safety, etc.). 

  • People: Customers want pipeline corrosion control experts that understand the importance of accountability.  IAG understands that we are responsible for the job’s consistency, reliability, accurateness, and completeness which gives our customers peace of mind.

  • Project: Understand projects and meet project requirements with respect to budget and timeline.

  • Cost Transparency: Customers want the best value for their money.  IAG pricing is clear and transparent, factoring in the necessary pricing for providing a high-quality deliverable.

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