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Power Generation

IAG Power Generation Service Line offers conventional and advanced NDT methods for turbine inspections.  We understand that Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) of turbine-generators, enable customers to make key decisions to improve asset life cycle, plant safety and sustainable growth limiting risk to people and the environment.  This allows our customers the certainty that they can run their unit between scheduled inspections with low risk of failures.  Our team of experts is well versed on other OEM machines and their inspection practices.  IAG’s qualified NDE technicians have over 20 years of experience performing these inspections and are power plant and turbine trained.  We also recognize the need for standard reporting/results of the inspection so our customers can be assured that they are receiving complete and accurate data on the condition of their turbine(s) and are positioned to make well-informed management decisions that help avert unexpected and costly outages.  When customers are faced with a rush or emergency, IAG is there to help, allowing for a reliable solution and quick response time.



Companies come to us when:

  • Clients require a Mag unit for their outages and service shop needs

  • There is a lack of qualified and turbine-trained technicians to meet their end customer outage schedules

  • Avoid costly and unplanned outages and turbine down-time when needed the most

  • Reduce cost by extending inspection intervals between outages

  • Reliable and accurate data to make conversion, modification, and repair decisions

  • Accurate planning for long lead time for parts through inspection data

  • Frustrated with inconsistent quality and timing of deliverables

  • They are not achieving desired results dealing with the complexity of multiple vendors and under-performance

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