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• Leverage a Mag unit for their outages and service shop needs

• Supplement their teams as a result of a lack of qualified and turbine-trained technicians to meet their end-customer outage schedules

• Avoid costly and unplanned outages and turbine downtime when needed the most

• Reduce cost by extending inspection intervals between outages

• Receive reliable and accurate data to make conversion, modification and repair decisions

• Be able to accurately plan for long lead times for parts through inspection data

• Eliminate the frustration associated with inconsistent quality and timing of deliverables

• Achieve desired results not possible when dealing with the complexity of multiple vendors and underperformance

• Have robust and accurate data to best position their management to make well- informed decisions to help avert unexpected and costly outages


Introduction: The owner of a nuclear generating station needed to reduce critical path downtime during their 2020 nuclear plant outage.

Problem: This would require performing a magnetic particle inspection on a series of three LP turbine rotors at the same time. The work needed to be completed within a 24-hour window. While they contracted a large power generation corporation to assist, the NDE services were outsourced to IAG. Solution: IAG attended multiple pre-planning meetings with the owner and client to discuss and schedule all associated activities. To meet the specific requirements from the nuclear station, IAG conducted a pre-outage turbine rotor training/qualification class to expand their NDE inspectors’ efficiency.

Outcome: IAG staffed the job with 16 NDE inspectors and four 10K amp mag unit kits. The scope of work was completed 10 hours ahead of schedule with no safety issues. The client turned the rotors over to the owner 36 hours ahead of schedule.

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