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• Avoid costly and unscheduled shutdowns

• Achieve optimal productivity and decrease overall project costs through a turn-key approach

• Eliminate frustration with inconsistent quality and timing of deliverables

• Gain efficiencies and drive higher-quality outcomes not possible when dealing with the complexity and lack of accountability persistent in multi-vendor environments

• Build, implement and manage asset integrity programs, standardized processes nd procedures to lower the total cost of ownership of their pipeline assets

• Effectively design and execute highly complex or special/R&D projects (e.g., hard spot projects, wrinkle bend and customer-sponsored R&D projects)


Introduction: A large international natural gas transmission company required IAG to access and evaluate a unique anomaly that had caused an undisclosed number of failures on one of their pipeline systems.

Problem: This unique anomaly and failure resulted in PHMSA putting a corrective action order in place with a deadline that seemed impossible to meet based on the tools and approach being used to assess these ILI bell hole assessments. These unique anomalies were not visible with traditional methods, with only the most severe of them being visible due to escalated coincidental defects such as cracks.

Solution: IAG agreed to support the project, invest in more tools to expand our fleet, and provide coverage to both IAG and our competitor’s dig site to support our customer. By providing qualified operators and this fleet of rapid-screening ECA tools, IAG teams were able to support both IAG’s and our competitor’s bell hole assessments. This ensured that all these unique conditions could be identified, and meaningful data returned to the ILI vendor to help improve their algorithms within the tool-run data to identify additional digs and/or remove sites from the program. Outcome: Our customer was able to meet their PHMSA deadline with time to spare. Additionally, we reduced the overall time in the ditch while providing better coverage and improved consistency with detection results. IAG helped the client through R&D projects done on cut-out samples of various conditions at their laboratory partner to further improve their understanding of anomaly conditions and potential detection impacts. Lastly, IAG was able to ramp up and operate at an efficiency rating of over 100%

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