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• Improve the quantity and quality of data and better leverage it to make fully informed management decisions

• Address more complex situations requiring deep expertise and more comprehensive data collection

• Engage technical expert leadership supported by quality technicians who can be trusted with stringent data collection requirements

• Customize project deliverable solutions in easily digested formats designed for the customer’s use case

• Receive progress reporting with notification of any special conditions that are identified

• Have more predictable pricing that drives value and minimizes the need for change orders and pricing and timing overruns


Introduction: Key IAG personnel contributed to the development of a cathodic protection close interval survey response process (CISR) for one of the largest U.S. petroleum refinery operators that operate gathering, midstream, transmission, and distribution assets all over the country.

Problem: With a large network of regulated pipeline assets, the operator’s annual CIS program identified a variety of cathodic protection deficiencies that required skilled manpower to test, adjust and provide a permanent record of the remediations. 

Solution: IAG provided experienced project management and qualified technicians to make CP circuit adjustments, install coupons and resurvey as a final permanent record of remediation.

Outcome: The operator gained the security of a reliable, thorough and efficient CP process to meet the regulatory deadlines with proper supporting documentation for all deficiencies that is still utilized today.

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